Trakka’s Model Shake-Up

Trakka's lineup of Motorhomes is receiving a shake-up in 2022, with its Fiat-based Torino and Trakkaway models taking a holiday.

KT Insurance
Dec 22 2021

That means the company will have no Fiat products on offer, while it refreshes and upgrades the models for a return in 2023.

The new Trakka lineup now comprises the Volkswagen-based Trakkadu campervan and Akuna motorhome, plus the Jabiru, which is built on the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The Trakkadu range now comprises the entry-level 340, all-wheel drive 450 and range-topping off-road AT campervans, all built on the latest VWT 6.1 Transporter.

Akuna’s model lineup also spans three versions, the mid-wheelbase A2M and long-wheelbase A2 and A4. All are built on the Volkswagen Crafter, with 4Motion now optionally available on the A2M.

Flagship of the Trakka range for 2022 is the Sprinter-based Jabiru range, which boasts an impressive five models across medium and long-wheelbases, two and four berths and two and four-wheel drive.

Trakka reports its production slots are already largely booked out for 2022, such has been the unprecedented demand brought on in part by the pandemic.

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