Dancing Derek’s Meandering Motorhome Adventure

A talented ballroom dancer, lifelong RV adventurer & proud CMCA member, Derek thanks KT Insurance for a like-new repair on his new motorhome

Derek stands with Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa motorhome

At the 35th CMCA National Rally in Bingara, NSW, we got the chance to chat with Derek Duval. A talented ballroom dancer, lifelong RV adventurer and proud CMCA member, Derek approached the KT Insurance stand with thanks after a claim on his new motorhome where he was able to promptly continue his adventure after a like-new repair.

“I’ve always loved travelling,” begins Derek. “I’ve always owned a motorhome or a caravan or some sort of camping gear since I was 18 years old. I have had a number of RVs over the years. The first one was a Winnebago, that was insured by KT. Then I sold it and had a caravan. KT didn’t insure that but now I’m back with KT and I’m happy with it. This RV I’ve had for a year and a half now, it’s a Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa.”

KT Insurance Image

Derek stands under awning of Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa motorhome

“As a retiree,” Derek continues, “the greatest thing I’ve got is freedom to do what I want to do, especially in Australia where it is so safe travel. I went to Tasmania to travel and left 4 years later. I went somewhere in Victoria, and I intended to spend 2 weeks, but left after 2 days. I went to Lightning Ridge for 4 weeks and stayed 5 months. RV lifestyle has allowed me to see the country in detail. If I did not have the motorhome, I would not be able to afford the cost of staying in these towns for that long. I can go to a little town and spend a month there and not at an extra cost.”

“I do ballroom dancing,” Derek exclaims, “so wherever I go, there is dancing! I’ve been into ballroom dancing for 22 years. I’ve danced throughout the whole of Australia. Whichever town I am at, you will find me on the dance floor. In most little towns, I contact them and find a partner. That’s what can keep me in that town for a while, you make a community of friends.”

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Derek stands next to door of Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa motorhome

“I have been with the CMCA since 2007,” Derek states proudly. “Being with the CMCA is power. The number of people and the influence it has on the government and councils. Dump points were quite an issue and the CMCA has been one of the biggest influencers on getting that working around the country. In 2007 you would have to search around for dump points, but with GeoWiki and WikiCamps you can just press a button and you will find one. This provides facilities for people to camp that’s not in caravan parks. 90% of people at a CMCA Rally don’t want to stay in caravan parks. We don’t want swimming pools and pretty gardens; we want somewhere authentic and natural. The Rallies are a great benefit of the CMCA.”

“KT insurance as a CMCA member benefit is also a big attraction for me,” Derek adds. “I had an experience where I scratched a panel, just a small scratch, and they removed the whole panel and replaced it. KT Insurance said that because the vehicle was new, they wanted to match it. They were not looking to cut costs and recommended a repairer that fixed it straight away. They wanted to keep me on the road and they wanted to keep my vehicle in the same condition it was.”

“That has won my support and my loyalty,” Derek declared, “and in all truthfulness, that’s worth a few more dollars. The most important part of insurance is that it’s a reputable company insuring me. I need to be confident that when there is a claim, they are going to cover me. I’m content knowing that if I have an accident, KT Insurance has my back.”