You've Insured Your RV, But What About What's in It?

Life on the open road often means your RV is transformed into your home on wheels, and with your home comes your contents, personal items and valuables.

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Sep 14 2023
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Life on the open road often means your RV is transformed into your home on wheels, and with your home comes your contents, personal items and valuables.

For peace of mind, it’s important to make sure your insurance offers you the right coverage, not only for your RV, but what’s inside it too. For some context, if we were talking to a physical home address, your insurance policy would offer coverage for your home AND contents, so why should your RV insurance be any different?

Here at KT Insurance, we are an RV specialist insurance provider that offers several ‘contents’ coverage options. So, let’s get some clarity around what each of them are:

Included Contents Cover

This is a standard inclusion with any comprehensive KT Insurance policy and offers a maximum of $2,000 total coverage for accidental loss (including theft) or damage to your RV’s contents at the time of an insured event. This cover attracts a $200 excess for contents claims only.

Included contents can cover any of the following items that you own:

  • Removeable furniture (not fixed to your RV), like carpet and rugs
  • Bedding, cutlery and crockery
  • Portable household appliances, like a coffee machine, microwave or sandwich press
  • Clothing and personal items, like watches, jewellery and prescription glasses
  • Bicycles whilst locked in an RV or on a bicycle carrier attached to it (includes e-bikes)
  • Tools and spare parts (excluding tools of trade) that were not supplied by the manufacturer as original equipment in or on the RV
  • Fishing equipment
  • Electronic items, like tablets, photographic equipment and laptops
  • Wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Musical instruments

What if $2,000 isn’t enough coverage?

That’s where KT’s optional benefits come in. KT Insurance has additional contents cover and valuables cover available as optional benefits. So, what’s the difference between additional contents cover and valuables cover?

Additional Contents Cover

This covers the same range of items as listed above, but the total agreed value of additional contents can be listed up to the same amount as the RV’s agreed value. This means that if your RV is insured for $20,000, you can have up to $20,000 in additional contents cover, if you need it. 

Keep in mind that this will affect your insurance premium as it is an optional extra, and not a standard inclusion in your comprehensive policy. Additional contents covers items that are worth less than $1,000 individually and if you need to make a claim, you may be asked to supply a list of the respective contents. This cover attracts a $200 excess for contents claims only.

Additional Valuables Cover

This cover is a unique optional benefit that covers valuable contents items over $1,000 in value each that are specifically listed on your policy schedule for accidental loss or damage, anywhere in Australia.

One of the most common items that KT Insurance customers list under their valuables cover are e-bikes where the value exceeds $1,000 as they wouldn’t have sufficient coverage under standard or additional contents cover. It’s also important to remember that because this is an optional extra, it will affect your insurance premium. To claim on this cover, the basic excess of the overall policy is applicable.

This diversity of coverage options provides KT Insurance customers with the flexibility to insure their RV and its contents appropriately to give them peace of mind when touring Australia. If you’re not sure whether your RV and the contents it carries are adequately covered by your current insurance policy, our team can be reached by calling 1300 261 261 and would love to discuss this with you.

Please note that maximum amounts and exclusions apply. For more information, we encourage you to read our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) on our website at

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