The results are in! Your response to our Customer Survey

A couple of months ago now, we commissioned our inaugural Ken Tame Customer Survey.

KT Insurance
Nov 29 2021

Our intention for the survey was to truly get a good gauge of how our customers and ex-customers felt about our service, product and business as a whole. We have some pretty grand aspirations, but were resolute on the fact that before we started to map out and plan activity for the next 12 months, we needed to hear from the people who we exist for. We cast the net far and wide and got a fantastic response rate of about 10%, or just under 3,000 people. This number in itself was impressive!

Some of the results are a surprise, but many are not. We had validation of the fact that you value the uniqueness of our product, our all-Australian team and our service; with 80% of customers stating they would recommend us to their family and friends. We also got feedback from people who chose to leave us, with price featuring as the main reason, followed closely by the fact that some products were discontinued over the last few years.

One thing I can say however is that off the back of the responses, we made a pretty significant change to a project that was already in tow. The project was to deliver functionality that we also know, based on the survey, that you want to have.

As a team we are determined to develop the areas that you’ve told us need work, but also champion the stuff we do well. I thank everyone who responded with good, bad or indifferent constructive feedback to help us shape the future of Ken Tame.

KT Insurance