The KT Difference: Transportation Costs

The next automatically included benefit in our Comprehensive RV Insurance product is Transportation Costs.

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Oct 19 2021
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Picture this for a moment. Your RV has been safety checked, is packed, prepared and comprehensively insured, should the worst happen. What could possibly go wrong? All bases are covered, right? The wonderful thing about the RV lifestyle is that home is the vehicle and the vehicle is your home. This affords real versatility and flexibility for when you pull up and enjoy a night, or maybe more on your journey.

But what if you’re miles away from home and your beloved RV is stolen? You may think, well I’m always with it, how could anyone steal it? And it’s a valid point, but our stats show that on average, up to 100 RV’s are stolen every year, just from our portfolio. It might seem an insignificant number, but that’s a lot of grief for each of those owners!

Maybe you stepped away for a special dinner. Stopped at a lookout, went for a walk and had a picnic lunch, or even pulled into a shopping centre to stock up on supplies? Vehicles are much harder to steal these days and let’s face it, an RV isn’t a real target nor is it easy to hide, but it does happen.

If you came back and it was all gone, how would you get home?

Whilst we do have a great emergency accommodation benefit, if it was never found, you could be up for thousands in costs to get you and whoever is travelling with you home. This could very well be completely out of your own pocket. Not exactly how you want to end what was supposed to be an exciting journey, is it?

Insurance is about ensuring you have coverage for when Murphy decides to intervene in life, and not all policies are the same, as I’ve said before!

If you had your RV Insurance with KT and your RV was stolen or couldn’t be safely driven to your Usual Place of Residence as a result of Accidental loss or damage, our “Transportation Costs” benefit, automatically included in every policy we sell would respond in the following way: Subject to claim acceptability it would pay:

  • The reasonable costs of transporting you and your family travelling with you in economy class on a regularly scheduled commercial airline; or
  • If airline transportation is not available or we do consider it to be suitable, the reasonable costs of transporting you and your Family on any other appropriate means of transportation chosen by us, to your Usual Place of Residence in Australia.

Well what if it was unsafe to drive and not stolen you ask? Should the vehicle be unsafe to drive and requires repairs that can be covered under a claimable event, you can choose to claim under the Transportation Costs benefits to return home, then claim on our other benefit, Returning Vehicle After Repairs, to get your RV back home. We will cover this benefit in more detail in a future blog.

It’s yet another reason why it’s so important to understand what you are covered for when selecting your insurance cover, and more importantly, what you are not covered for.

It’s really important that you do your homework, compare and ensure that the insurance solution being offered, meets your specific needs.

As they say, “You get what you pay for ……”

Safe travels.

Regards, Con

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