The KT Difference – $ 2000 Contents Cover

Have you ever thought about the items that you carry around in your RV – the portable things. Clothing, crockery and cutlery, portable household appliances, food provisions, jewellery, even cash?

KT Insurance
Jan 10 2022

Your RV is your portable home, so you’re carrying all this sort of gear as necessity on your travels. If you were unlucky enough to have any of these items lost, stolen or damaged – how would you recover the cost?

A remote holiday could soon end up costing much more than you thought, let alone the feeling of violation and all the emotions that come with theft. What we know is that it does happen – and we understand the trauma it causes and the costs associated with it.

For this reason, we have an automatic inclusion in every Comprehensive Recreational Vehicle Policy we sell to cover your contents. Accidental loss and theft whilst contained in your RV and where the vehicle was locked at the time, are covered to a total value of up to $2000 for each claimable event. If you’re unfortunate enough to ever have to use the cover, we will pay you the reasonable cost of repair or replacements, up to a maximum of $2,000 less any applicable excess in respect of any one covered event.

Does your current insurance policy cover you for this sort of loss? – and if so, how much are you covered for?

It pays to be informed as not all insurance policies are equal!

Safe Travels,


KT Insurance