The KT Insurance Difference – Hire Vehicle Costs (3)

Let’s face it – our lifestyle is completely dependant on the use of a motorised vehicle of some description

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Jan 20 2022
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If you’re in a motorhome, then it takes you to your destination and houses you all in one. If you’re towing a trailer or caravan, the tow tug is what gets you and your home on wheels there. Without some level of self-propulsion, your journey is quite simply impossible.

But what happens if your motorhome or tow vehicle are in an accident or stolen? Well, in the case of the former, you not only lose your transport, you also lose your home. In the latter, depending on the accident itself, you may well be in the same boat, unless you’re lucky enough to have escaped damage to your trailer. If either the motorhome or the tow vehicle was stolen, well, the outcome is obvious. The common factor in each of these cases however, is that you are stranded with no transport. Now that’s ok for a day or two, but what happens then? Being stuck in the confines of your trailer or a hotel room, if you’re lucky enough to have access to a benefit such as our Emergency Accommodation Costs, can become a real drag, real quick.

So given that the lifestyle you love is so dependent on transport, shouldn’t your insurance policy have some sort of benefit that allows you access to a vehicle if yours is damaged or stolen? We think it should, which is why every single RV Comprehensive Policy we sell has a Hire Vehicle Costs benefit. So if the repair of your vehicle will take more than 3 days, then you have access to a hire car for up to $1,000 or a maximum of 14 days, whichever is less.

Why should you be stranded if you have suffered an accidental loss or damage? Isn’t that what your insurance policy should take care of? Don’t assume you automatically have it, ask your insurer and if the cover isn’t the same, get a quote with us by calling our all Australian Call Centre on 1800 582 582 or submit a quote form here

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