Projecta’s New Inverter Range

Projecta says it has released an all-new range of Australian designed and engineered Modified Sine Wave Inverters, that provide several benefits over outgoing models, while maintaining the affordable pricing of their predecessors.

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Jun 12 2022

Available in four models (300 W to 2000 W) with 6 variants including 2 x 24 V options, a key characteristic of the range is 200% startup power for half a second – meaning a 2000 W inverter can briefly output a peak power of 4000 W. This provides the necessary ‘kick’ to power-up common household appliances that require more power to start up than they do to run – something lesser inverters with similar (continuous) power outputs can struggle to do.

Other range-wide features include a 5-volt DC 2.1-amp USB socket offering convenient power and charging for small devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, power banks and toys. There’s also noise-free EMC filtering that combines with large capacitors to deliver smooth power delivery and reduced sound and screen interference in sensitive appliances.

Projecta says its new Modified Sine Wave Inverter models are ideal for a range of recreational and trade applications. Starting the range is the IMW300, which is capable of supplying power for charging and powering equipment including phones and tablets, digital cameras, radios, portable gaming consoles and fans.

The larger IMW600 can also power a desk-top and lap-top computer, some power tools and outdoor lighting. Next-up in the range are the IMW1000 and IMW1000-24, which have additional capacity to handle a microwave, small fridge, iron and coffee machine.

The range-toppers are the IMW2000 and IMW2000-24 variants, which further up the ante by providing enough output to satisfy more power-hungry versions of the equipment described earlier, along with hairdryers and toasters.

With low battery voltage and overload protection, approved mains sockets designed to Australian standard AS4763 and a full internal bonded earth system, the new inverters are engineered to deliver safe and hassle-free performance. The new inverters also introduce a stylish and contemporary design that’s highlighted by smooth, rounded edges, making them more visually appealing for open view installation. The new range is available now from leading automotive, camping and trade outlets Australia-wide, with further information and specs on Projecta’s website.

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