New Look Rail Trails Website

Rail Trails Australia says it is proud to announce the launch of a dynamic new website –

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Oct 04 2021

The organisation says it had been working diligently on the project for a year and that the new website offers a greatly improved experience on computers as well as tablets and mobile devices. 'You'll find enhanced rail trail mapping; the extent of our amazing rail trail network is clearly visible now and there is an option to follow your progress on your phone as you travel your favourite rail trails.”

Rail trails follow disused railway lines and provide a unique way to explore many otherwise inaccessible parts of Australia by cutting through hills, over embankments and across gullies and creeks. At the same time, they help retrace local history while improving personal health and fitness. Most have a gravel or dirt surface and are great for walking, cycling (especially mountain bikes) and horse riding. They are becoming increasingly popular with RVers, especially since the advent of affordable e-bikes.

Rail Trails Australia is a national organisation that fights for the conversion of suitable abandoned railway lines. It is a predominantly volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that works for the development and promotion of a rail trail network Australia-wide. The website provides free, comprehensive and up-to-date descriptions of all rail trails in Australia. However, the organisation receives no government funding; instead relying on sales of products, member- ships and donations from supporters to carry out its work.

Rail Trails Australia is part of an international movement to develop and promote rail trails. Similar groups operate in countries including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, while rail trails are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. New Zealand is already a world leader thanks to its legendary Central Otago Rail Trail.

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