Laid Up Cover

Laid Up Cover - for when you don’t want too – or are forced not to use your RV!

KT Insurance
Sep 07 2021

So over the last 18 months or so we have all learnt that there are going to be times where despite wanting to hit the road and enjoy our touring journey’s, we simply can’t. Hopefully we can soon look back on the myriad of lockdowns and border closures through rose coloured glasses at a happy hour somewhere.

Our passion for the RV lifestyle centres on travel. Whether it be free-camping by an inland river or hooking up to mains at a RV park; it’s not about your RV sitting in the driveway, garage or shed. It’s about getting out there and enjoying what is often a significant investment.

But what happens when the world turns upside down and you actually can’t use it? Should you expect to pay the same during those unfortunate periods of downtime? We’ve heard of some customers who have elected to cancel their insurance during COVID. Pretty drastic stuff, but for some it might be the right solution.

But humour me for a moment. Could you imagine if you did choose to cancel your cover, what would happen if you had a fire? A flood or storm damage? Malicious damage, vandalism, theft or even worse – infestation of mice or rats?? We provide insurance cover for assets up to one-million-dollars – yes – you read correctly. How would you pay to repair, or at worst – replace an entire asset if you didn’t have the support of an insurance policy?

For some time, we have heard you tell us about the importance of being able to tailor coverage to changing circumstances – this is all the more relevant given the current environment.

As of the 1st of July for new customers and the 1st of August for existing customers, I am proud to say that our bespoke Recreational Vehicle Insurance Policy includes an option of Laid-Up Cover. What this means is if you have an annual policy, you can choose up to A 3-month period where you take a reduced coverage for a lower premium; because that makes sense doesn’t it?

Theft, fire, malicious damage and vandalism, natural weather events are all still covered whilst your asset is safely and securely stored at your nominated location whilst you’re not using it. And if you really need to use it during that nominated period – just give us a call and for some additional premium we can get you back out onto the road again.

Since my blog last week – we did have some customers call and comment on the conditions associated with this benefit. Conditions such as it only being available when you first take out cover, or when your policy is up for renewal. This is 100% correct. However, again, we have listened.

Given the challenges that COVID is presenting to everyone, whilst there are lock-downs and border closures, we will allow customers who have bought a new policy from the 1st of July and any customer with renewals from the 1st of August to elect this option mid-term for a period of up to 3 months and remove it once lockdowns lift. This is a temporary way to support the RV community through these difficult times.

Interested to learn more? Give us a call on 1800 582 582 to speak to one of our Australian call centre team Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30pm AEDT or request a quote by clicking here.



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