KT Insurance Customer Testimonial – Robert & Jennifer

KT Insurance
Jan 10 2022

My husband had a heart valve replacement many years ago which was successful. Unfortunately, afterwards, he needed a pacemaker to regulate his heart-beat. We were able to continue motorhoming with no restrictions on medical advice. All went well for many years, then a few years ago, we arrived back in Katherine after a trip to Darwin. My husband was feeling unwell and not right, so we attended Katherine Emergency Department where they found a new and very irregular heart rhythm that they could not stabilise, so he was sent back to Darwin via Careflight helicopter where a new pacemaker and defib were inserted.

Having been with KT Insurance since we first started motorhoming, I rang them and was speaking to a representative (who became our dedicated assistance person). The relief was instant and advice and instructions was invaluable. Long story shortened, KT insurance paid for our flights back to Melbourne and had the motorhome trucked back to our home in Melbourne plus other incidentals.

The only thing not paid was the Careflight trip. We did receive a bill for this, but it was only approximately $350.00. As we are aged pensioners, we just had to send a photocopy of our pension card and there was no charge, which amazed us even further. Since then, with regular consultations with a cardiologist and pacemaker specialist, he still has a green light to travel.

The care that was given to us by KT Insurance throughout this traumatic experience was amazing and so welcomed at a very stressful time. Also, the staff at Katherine hospital were amazing and helped so much.

I am very glad we are with KT Insurance.

Robert & Jennifer

KT Insurance