Exploring Eden Books Goes Green

Niche publisher Exploring Eden Books, which has great titles for RVers including Fire To Fork, 100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland and 100 Things To See In The Kimberley, is doing something positive for the environment.

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Dec 10 2021

“As book publishers, we are exceptionally aware of the impact our small business has on the environment. We’re consumers of trees, fossil fuels, minerals and chemicals, all of which harm the finite resources of this planet and the environment we, and you, love to explore. We are continually trying to find ways to overcome those issues. Already we’ve eliminated single-use plastic from our shipping processes, and we’ve committed to only using Forest Stewardship Council approved paper in all of our books. But there’s still more we can do.

“From December 1, 2021, we’ve partnered with not-for-profit Australian organisation, Greenfleet, to help plant native, biodiverse forests in Australia. For every single book we produce, we’ve committed to removing 25kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. For some perspective, that’s, on average, about 10 times the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of one copy of one of our books.

“So, this Christmas, and into the future, if you pick up one of our books, be that from a bookstore, one of our retail partners or on our website, know that you’ve contributed to a solution, and you’ve helped plant, sustain and grow native, biodiverse forests in Australia.

“If you want to do more, or would prefer not to buy gifts that consume the world's resources, you can offset even more of your own, or your loved ones', emissions using Greenfleet’s personal offset packages. Find out more'.

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