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What happens after you make a vehicle claim?

Choice of repairer

Forward a written quotation from a repairer of your choice to our office. In certain circumstances we may agree with you to use a different repairer than the one that you selected or pay you the reasonable repair costs. We will act reasonably in doing so.

Authorising repairs

In order to be sure that you are covered under your policy you should contact us for approval before you start any repairs on your Recreational Vehicle (other than up to $500 for emergency repairs). If you do not, we will pay for expenses incurred up to the amount we would have authorised had you asked us first.

Excess payment

We will tell you when and how much excess you need to contribute towards your claim, which will be made up of your basic excess, any voluntary excess and any applicable imposed excess.

No claim bonus

We will tell you if your no claim bonus level will be impacted, depending on your claim type and circumstances.

Guarantee and warranty

We guarantee materials and workmanship on repairs we authorise for as long as you own the vehicle.

Total loss

If we finalise your claim as a total loss we will deduct any unpaid premiums that cover the rest of your period of insurance for the policy. If we agree to allow you to keep the wreck, we will also deduct its estimated salvage value.

Complaints Process

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the handling of your claim and you wish to make a complaint, please click here.