Camplify & Govt Team-up for Flood Relief

The NSW Government and peer-to-peer RV hire company Camplify are teaming-up in a pilot program in July to aid Woodburn residents made homeless by recent floodwaters.

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Jun 22 2022

The victims are being offered at-home caravans in a new program from the NSW Government to provide a medium-term housing solution.The program means caravans will be located on residents' property at no cost to them.

Camplify chief executive and founder Justin Hales said the partnership with the NSW Government meant that residents will be able to remain in their community as the recovery continues.

'By repurposing our caravan supply in this pilot program we can give people a place to stay on their own properties while they manage the difficult task of repairing and rebuilding from the floods,' he said.

Minister for Emergency Services and Resilience, and Minister for Flood Recovery, Stephanie Cooke said all stops were being pulled out to provide medium-term housing solutions for residents.

'The at-home caravan program will provide a safe and secure roof over the heads of locals so they can remain on their properties while they repair and rebuild,' she said.

'The NSW Government is constantly looking for ways to better meet the needs of flood-affected communities as the flood recovery evolves.'

Residents can register for a caravan at Woodburn Recovery Hub from July 20. The program's progress will help determine if the NSW Government rolls out the at-home caravan program to other flood-affected communities.

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