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We met Tex Howarth at the Bingara Rally, 2022, and this is his story.

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Feb 05 2024
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I started off with a Jayco Pop-Top and went to 21ft Jayco Caravan, then a 24ft Jayco Caravan, then a fifth wheeler and then I bought this (and have had it for 3 years now).

I left the army 22 years ago, and ever since, a bunch of friends and I have been camping together every weekend in our small tents. On one memorable trip to Ensky Point in QLD, where the cold was biting, a mate showed up with a caravan equipped with a little heater. That prompted us to think, "Let's get a caravan." So, one weekend a month, about half a dozen of us, along with our kids and partners, would take off for a camping getaway. We'd wrap up work on Friday afternoons and hit the road.

My favourite aspect of the RV lifestyle is connecting with others, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and discovering new places to stay through conversations. Building lifelong friendships and drawing inspiration from the diverse modifications people make to their RVs contribute to the overall enjoyment. I've been living in RVs for a full eight years, traveling across Australia, and it's been nothing but a fun adventure.

A major advantage of the RV lifestyle is the freedom to shift whenever you dislike your current location, neighbours, or view. It's more cost-effective than owning a house and paying a mortgage, representing only a fraction of the potential expenses. I've been traveling around Australia for 7-8 months, exploring Tasmania and New Zealand along the way. Through the CMCA, we obtained a year's camp membership in New Zealand, where numerous caravan parks are available. For my next trip, I'd like to travel Australia in the opposite direction to experience it from a different perspective.

I've been with the CMCA for about 8 years now. When I met my partner, she was already a member, and she had a little whizzbang. Interestingly, we ended up having the same membership number. I now have my own membership. The CMCA offers several good benefits, such as roadside assistance and the ability to stay in CMCA camps for $3 a night per person. The association has installed hundreds of dump points throughout Australia, providing essential facilities.

They organize rallies, which are fantastic to attend as you get to meet new people each time, and everyone becomes a friend. Every motorhome is unique, and it's fascinating to see the various modifications people have made to theirs. I haven't come across a motorhome here that looks like mine; there's such a wide variety. A couple of years ago, we went to Barcaldine and set a world record for the longest unbroken line of caravans in a moving convoy, covering 15.2kms from here to Eyre’s Rock. We also purchased little strips of LED lights and created the world's longest line of LED lights, stretching about 6kms. We all parked on the side of the road and had barbecues together. I'm always eager to participate in anything organized by the CMCA. Generally, I plan my trips around CMCA events.

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I've been a KT insurance customer since I joined the CMCA. At that time, I owned an American 5th wheeler and an American Chevy Silverado, and KT was essentially the only insurer willing to cover American imports. Upon joining KT, they took good care of my insurance needs.

Three years ago, during the Gunnedah CMCA rally, I encountered a significant issue. Just before pulling into the rally, I had an accident that involved one of my rear wheels falling off. Fortunately, Con from KT was at the rally. After struggling for about five days to find help, I approached him and explained my situation. He promptly inspected my van, addressed the issue, and within about a day, everything was sorted. KT towed my van from Gunnedah to Bribie Island for inspection by my regular mechanic, who determined it was irreparable. KT promptly paid me out, and six weeks later, I purchased the motorhome I'm currently in. I continue to be insured with KT because of the fair treatment I received. In my experience, the crucial factor in insurance is how the company handles your situation. I've had a couple of claims with KT, and it's always been a smooth process.

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