Campervan & Motorhome Club Australia Limited (CMCA)

KT Insurance is a trusted partner of the CMCA, providing members with access to tailored motorhome, caravan, campervan insurance with over 30 years’ experience in the RV industry.

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The Campervan & Motorhome Club Australia Limited (CMCA) identified the growing popularity of RV tourism in Australia and exist to promote, facilitate and preserve the RV lifestyle.

With a membership base exceeding 66,000 individuals, the CMCA stands as the largest RV Club in Australia.

Guided by the principles of adventure, enjoyment, education, and fun, the CMCA diligently works to enhance the RV experience for its members. Through the provision of exclusive Member Benefits and effective government representation, the CMCA offers unwavering support to its members. Most importantly, it fosters a sense of community by bringing together like-minded individuals who share a profound passion for the RV lifestyle.

KT Insurance is a proud partner of the CMCA and share a strong passion for the RV lifestyle.


CMCA Membership

The CMCA represents RV travelers at all levels of government, working hard to preserve and enhance the RV lifestyle. The CMCA works with councils to establish RV services and facilities, which include the installation of dump points and low-cost parking areas

RV Friendly Towns and Destinations

To ensure you have access to all the RV facilities you need on the road, we have promoted the benefits of RV tourism around the country. Towns and businesses who meet set requirements have joined our program and accommodate RV travel.

Dump Points

As self-contained travel becomes increasingly popular, so does the need for these fundamental facilities. We have assisted in the installation of almost 500 black water dump points across Australia.

Free Camping

We strongly promote freedom of choice and the need for low-cost/free camps for self-contained vehicles. We liaise with councils to ensure such areas are available for those who seek an alternative option to caravan parks.


CMCA Member Benefits

GeoWiki X

RV travel in Australia is made easy with our GeoWiki X website and app. Trip planning is now made easy with our reliable database of campgrounds, caravan parks, dump points, free camping options and more. All the RV services and facilities you need in the one place.

The Wanderer Magazine

Our 124-page digital magazine explores relevant club news, industry news, travel features, member stories and so much more! Also available as a hard copy (postage fees apply). This magazine is full of inspiration for your next adventure!


We bring like-minded people together to share thoughts, experiences and advice on the RV lifestyle. Our members support and assist each other through an online forum and Facebook group.

Club Events

We hold an annual major rally where members come together for a week of fun! We also have several small events throughout the year that give members the chance to reconnect and enjoy each other's company on the road.

Member Advantages

We have partnered with a variety of retailers who offer CMCA members exclusive discounts and offers on their products and services.


We have designed a network of parks for self-contained vehicles that require minimal facilities. CMCA members receive a low rate to access these parks.